Waterfall, Central Pacific Coast
Earth showing location of Costa Rica

Climate & Attire

Costa Rica′s climate is classified as tropical due to its location 8 degrees north of the equator. This proximity also provides the country with an equal dose of daylight every day of the year, approximately 12 hours between 5:30 or 6:00 in the morning and evening. There are two seasons, summer (December-April) and winter (May-November). Whereas summer is defined by little or no rain, winter is hallmarked by sunny mornings with late afternoon rainfall.

Our trip to Costa Rica will begin in the Central Valley where an elevation of 3,800 feet (1,161 meters) moderates temperatures to average year-round highs of 72°F (22°C) with overnight lows of 64°F (18°C). Then we will travel to sea level on the Central Pacific Coast where temperatures and humidity will climb. On the coast, expect average daytime highs of 86°F (30°C) with overnight lows of 75°F (24°C).

Plan your wardrobe with this climate in mind. Choose materials that breathe like lightweight cottons. In the Central Valley a light sweater or jacket may be necessary in the evening and early morning or when we travel to Doka Coffee Estate where the elevation is 5,000 feet (1,524 meters) above sea level. The coast will be warm and humid; pack short sleeved or sleeveless shirts with walking shorts or lightweight slacks for outdoor activities. Bring sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, and binoculars. Pack a travel-size umbrella or disposable (purse-size) ponchos for unexpected showers.

Tropical resort wear is appropriate for the resorts and in town during the evenings, e.g. sundresses or loose fitting slacks, capris or walking shorts with tops for the ladies, tropical style island or polo shirts with slacks or walking shorts for the gentlemen. Suggested attire for the Tico Welcome Party and Zephyr Palace will be dressy casual, i.e. sundresses or lightweight dressy tops with slacks for women and island or polo shirts and slacks for the men. Of course, our dress-up event will be the Awards Gala; select floor or tea-length gowns, black tie or white dinner jackets.